Switching Android market to Google play

Sometimes Google confused us by making a senseless decision. Just today the Google decided to rolled out their most recent twist in the Android Market. However it is not called Android Market now. Google has decided to re-brand the whole thing instead of just redesigning it.

They have sound reasons for that. Google wants to give a better look to their apps as The Play is something more than just Apps. This is a new way of playing the games. This is a good planning but sometimes old name gives you more results.

It seems that Google has a problem with changes at times. Mostly Google decide the change suddenly. So we can say Google has a philosophy while launching anything new and that is “launch early and launch often” Maybe Google mostly decide the worth of the product after its release. Often that strategy works for Google but I feel this time they are little late. Chris has just noticed today that besides new name, The Google Play is also using a whole new icon. They have placed a colorful play button. You will see that updated version within few days if you haven’t seen so far.

This type of re-branding is now affecting some of the other Google apps. Now the Google Music will be known as Google Play Music and, similarly the Google Movies are now Google Play Movies. That is not all actually as Google Books are now known as Google Play Books.

Most of this effort made by Google is taking place at Android Market website which In my view is definitely lacking the good and effective design. Instead of re-branding the whole product only remodeling would be enough by giving it new look. As we all know the Apps are the main feature of Android market, but now on they will share the same space with books, movies, and music. In past all other contents are not as much visible on the tabs which means low conversion rates.


This new branding of the Google product also makes them free from the stigma that the content is only for Android. Now it is called Google Play instead of Android Market. This is also significant development that this service is now not only limited for mobile devices. The only thing which I want to mention is it should be better if it called Google Market instead of Google Play.

The new name of Google Play has its own limitations as the word play used with some conditions. Instead of that it would be better if Google use a term which is diversifying to describe many different services. The name Google Play is lacking the seriousness. It does not giving the feeling that here you can download verity of useful application. It gives more like game feelings.

Google has product problem since long and they have to understand that for long term growth that must be sustainable also they have to analyze things in detail and see the future correctly. They launched Android Market more than three years before and it becomes as popular as Apple. If the Google brains thinks that Android Market is not a good product they have not launch it or at least do not keep it for such long period.

The users are not fools and they know how to fix their media. I think they have made the mistake in 2008 when they launched Android Market as they failed to foreseen the future. They do not have any idea that Android Market will be the place to sale apps. The word market is used for retail store place where the word play is only used for something silly or we can say not a professional word to use.