Apple throw away Google Android maps app

Apple mobile maps replace Android maps app

From Wednesday Google decide to add new features to the Google Android Maps app for smart phones. Meanwhile on that day Apple’s going to release their latest mobile operating system. It will kick off Google’s maps and replace by own Apple mobile maps.

The new updates with Google maps about to release on Wednesday will make Android phones more personalize and easer to search places on maps. The competition begins.

Various Devices will be sync across by Google Maps app. Say you are searching for a restaurant on your desktop computer in the morning for your lunch. Then you are on the way to the restaurant, you can look up for the location via your phone on Google Maps. If you were logged in to Google previously on your desktop computer, at once you begin to type in the Android Maps app search box on your mobile phone, it will automatically suggest the restaurant and other places you have early searched for by using your computer or phone.

Brian McClendon, vice president of engineering for Google Maps says, their target is to reduce the amount of typing on the phone because it wastes the time. Also Mr. McClendon pleased to talk about Apple’s new maps. Google does have added profits of large scale search engine which gather data about what you have searched and this is a special feature Apple doesn’t have.

Android maps app vs Apple maps

Mr. McClendon explains it’s more than Google’s search and algorithm that sets the map apart, and expertise it has gained more than seven years, it has been building maps. He expresses that, it took a long time and effort to figure out how to do this in correct way. The experiences are most important.

By allowing people to enter incomplete queries and guessing their meaning Google brings it’s skill to maps. Search “100 Market”, for a moment and it will use your current location details to summaries that you want Market Street not in Portland but in San Francisco. When you’re searching “Eiffel Tower” nearby Las Vegas, and it recognizes that you want not only the land mark of France and also the Las Vegas hotel in Paris.

Google come to these interpretations on behalf of your earlier searches, your current location, Place Rank which determines the possibility of a place or business is based on search queries of Google and a database powered by business owners which include local business worldwide with thousands of entries.

People can add, edit maps for the details of places which are not include in Google map or make changes to the available from the remote corner of Namibia to the New York via Google Map Maker. For assist the accuracy of editions Google uses algorithms and Street View photographs.

By referring Street Views Mr. McClendon describes that the power of Google servers to operate through the largest images database in the world. He added Google uses computer vision to notice the changes in street.

Apple planning to use the data but Google has license for the data on maps first and hopes to start building maps from the ground level. It includes own driving directions which can be developed. Public transit data’s it collet via transit agencies. As an example the inside map of Tokyo subway stations Google tells to people closest entrance and exit subways to their decided place.

Also Google Maps for Android users can be re-reviewing their previous searches under the section of My Places. Also it gives opportunity to save their current work and home addresses therefore they can just type “work” or “home” and save time without entering everything when on a search.

From now iPhone users can access Google Maps via their mobile web browser. As Google build app for YouTube for the Apple App Store, it was building a Google Maps, which will also kick off by Apple int the latest version of the iPhone Mr. McClendon declined.

Mr. McClendon would express that “We want to build Android maps app for every user, not for the limited.”