Create and use of filters in gmail

Filters very useful if you are in trouble to handle tons of mails you receive daily. It’s a really mess when mixed up important mails with other useless e mails. Filters lets you sort out and separate important e mails you receive from specific sender or including specific texts at the very first moment they get in to your inbox. Then there is no worry for annoying select emails one by one and manually put them in to folders.

Selection options on filters of gmail as follows

01. According to sender e mail address or sender name
02. Select according to specific subject
03. Select e mails including a specific word or words
04. Select mails not including given word or words
05. Select mails which has attachments

Once you have clear criteria to which mails to select, Following actions could assign on selection.

01. Skip the inbox (Those mails will not be display in your inbox)
02. Mark as read (mails will no longer displayed as new. Automatically will be marked as read)
03. Star it
04. Apply a given label to make them easy to identify
05. Forward them to given email address
06. Delete
07. Protect by sending to spam box (never send to spam)
08. Mark as important
09. Never mark as important


You can easily create filters on your Gmail account within few steps as following

01. Click on the down arrow at right corner on your search box. search criteria will appear in a drop down window.
02. Enter your search criteria and click the search button if you want to verify whether the results are correct.
03. Click Create filter with this search at the bottom of the search window.
04. Choose the action you want the filter to take.
05. Click the Create filter button.